Doing many Partner Visa cases...amazing stories

Recently I have been doing a few cases for Partner Visa. For some reasons, I had a few cases for the past 2-3 months. Most of the times are the Thai girls who marriage to the Australian men.

I usually would sit down and interview them, how was their first met, how their relationship begin...etc...etc... The best part of this visa category is that I will have to read their personal statement, about their relationship. Trust me guys, that was the most wonderful moment of my job. The couples had allowed me into their life. To help them with the case. To know their love story...which usually very personal and intimate. I felt honored and privilege.

One of the amazing part is the translation part. I will usually let's my Thai clients write their personal statement in Thai. I then translate for them. It was such a wonderful moment to know someone life in a deeper level. I felt very humble by this.

Thank you guys for letting me in into your life.