Covid Visa; subclass 408

Covid Visa; subclass 408

The government has released a new legislation on 6 April 2020, concerning Visas of people who have problems leaving Australia.

This could be due to the lockdown of the destination or due to flight cancellations.

The government has released this legislation so affected people can apply for the subclass 408 Visa.

But don’t get too excited, the subclass 408 Visa has been around for a long time, it is a Temporary Activity Visa.

Normally people who do religious work or take care of children of diplomats, apply for this Visa. I personally don’t like any of the subclass 40* types.

No matter if it’s the subclass 403, subclass 407 (Training Visa) or subclass 408 (Temporary Activity).

This is because applying to it takes a lot of steps. Not really straightforward.

In practice, I don't think the online system is ready yet. I take a look at the ImmiAccount system the other day. The subclass 408 has a lot of streams and a lot of different types, that’s why I am not a big fan of any subclass 40*.

It’s not clear to which stream of subclass 408 Visas people who are affected by the problems of Covid-19 have to apply.

Let's give it more time for the government to streamline the process.

I personally think that if you can’t leave the country because your destination is in the lockdown or your flight has been cancelled, you should apply for a Tourist Visa; subclass 600 for about 6 months.

Subclass 600 will much faster and straightforward in this regards.

I will update more on the visa subclass 408 once the direction from the government is clearer than this.

Stay safe.
Stay calm.