No fasting before medical examination for Australian visa purposes

Recently I tried to arrange a medical examination for one of my clients. While I try to arrange the timeslot to suit his day off..etc...he told me that he needs to fast after midnight before his blood test. So, he didn't want to get his medical examination done on his working day.

This is the first time I heard of such thing. I understand that people do thier cholesterol level check or their normal regular health check, they need to fast and so on. However, this kind of medical examination is for the Australian migration purposes, the test is mainly for HIV check. There is nothing to do whether or not you need to fast. There is nothing to do with the cholesterol level. Those kind of check is leave for your GP or your family doctor. Not a doctor for migration purposes.

Any doubt, please always check with the registered migration agent or migration lawyer near you.

Visa application fee is way too expensive

Since the department had increased the visa application fee in 1 July 2013 and also another round in 1 September 2013, I personally think that it just way too expensive. Incredible expensive. The visa application fee had been increased in 1 July and I don't understand why there need to be another increase in September, just 2 months apart.

Some of the visa fee has jumped 10 times. For example, Child migrant subclass 455 had jumped from $220 to $2,570. That is about 10 times higher.

Visa application fee for ENS is also now $3,520. Slightly jumps from around $2,950 but the major fee increase if the visa applicant has spouse or partner. The secondary visa application fee is $1,760. Together as a couple, that will become $5,280. This is just big money making machine for Australian government. Everytime when I lodge the application for my clients, I can feel a little pinch in their wallet & bank account. I just hope and pray that fee increase won't happen again next 1 July 2014!!!

Please don't!!