Training Benchmark

The Australian workforce is important for the economy, however, sometimes there is a shortage of skilled personel. It is important that the migration and visa system in Australia supports the needs for the workforce. The Australian visa system has visa subclass 457 and Employer Nomination Scheme to allow people to work and live temporary & permanently in Australia.

In order for a business to sponsor a foreigner to work in the organization, the business needs to show to the Australian government that the organization is a good employer. "Good employer" from the Australian government's perspective is that the organization should employ more Australian workforce; Australian permanent resident or Australian citizen. At the same time the organization also needs to give the training to the Australian workforce as well. So that they are equipped with necessary skills and be more marketable in the workplace.

While training the Australian workforce is good for the organization in terms of the productivity. The Australian government needs employers to train its staff because business comes and goes. If one day business no longer continues its operation, at least its theAustralian workforce that is equipped with the necessary skills and be able to look for another job and so forth.

Therefore, in order for the business to sponsor its foreign worker, it needs to meet the training benchmark. Those businesses that have Australian workforce needs to spend at least 1% of its annual gross payroll in order for the business to meet the training benchmark set by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (Department's name keeps on changing). And it is 2% for business that do not employ any Australian workforce. 

Those new businesses that trade less than 12 months needs to demonstrate the commitment to the staff training. It needs to submit the auditable business plan and the training plan. This can be done by showing the contract made with any training organizations; TAFE or private colleges...etc.

The employer also has the obligation to maintain the training benchmark throughout the time that the employer employs someone under visa subclass 457.

It is easy to meet the training benchmark, the employer needs to keep all records & receipts of the expenditures that relates to staff training. There is a great quantity of training that can be done online as well. So, it is more flexible and has various topics and fields that the employees can choose to be trained on.

So, before anyone plans to apply or sponsor someone for visa subclass 457 and ENS, please ensure that your organization meets the training benchmark requirement.

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