only people who work in "migration" field would understand this

I have been working as a Registered Migration Agent for quite sometime now. From my personal observation, I then realize how hard people want to migrate to Australia. Seems that only people who work in the "migration" field would ever understand.

I have met and know lots of people who get their residency status easily. That was because their mum re-marriage to an Australian man. Then those young children effortlessly migrated with their mother. Most of the paper work and all the hard work has been done by their mum. So, those kids start to take things for granted. Sadly, a lots of them have not make a full use of the opportunity given.

On the other hand, there are many people who have skills and will be very benefit both socially and economically to this country, trying so hard to gain a residency status and migrate here. Yet, they have been put in such a long waiting period.

What I wanted to point out here is that, those people who successfully migrate to Australia and gain their residency status should really make a full use of their opportunity. Study hard, work hard.... and at least...please contribute something back to the society, to this country.

Remember.... what goes round, come around!!!

My son is 19, can I include him into my application?

Yesterday, I got a called from one lady. She recently just re-marriage to an Australian man. She has a son from her previous marriage, he is now 19 years old. She would apply for her Australian permanent residency and would like to know if she would be able to include her son into her application.

The answer is "no". She can't include her son in the same application as he is now over 18. Only the children under 18 could include in the same application as an independent child.

However, she could still sponsor him once she got her residency status. She could do that before he turn 25, as long as he still single and very much depends for her financial support. This is important that both mom and son need to show evident of dependency. If she still transfer money to her son, she would need to keep those receipt and bank statement...and so on.

As spouse visa has 2 stages:
- Stage 1, the application has been approved and the applicant will get a Temporary Residency (TR) status.
- Stage 2, 2 years after the application date, if the couple still in relationship, then the lady will be granted for her Permanent Residency status.

In order to sponsor for her son, the mother doesn't need to wait for her stage 2 visa status. She could just sponsor him after she got her TR status in stage 1.

Anyone need more information on this, please do not hesitate to contact me. Either via email (preferred) or phone.

Leaky Boat

Interesting special Q&A session about the refugee and politic in Australia.
I encourage anyone to watch this online at​view/795011 

Please be informed that I am not in any ways to persuade anyone about this issues; refugee & politic in Australia. I just found this program is informative and would love to share this with you all. Everyone entitle to have your own opinion on this.

IELTS seems to be part of everything...

It seems that IELTS is now part of everything in Australia. Whether to get job, or to migrate into this country. You will need an IELTS.

I got a few clients who sat and re-sat for IELTS many times, just to get whatever score that will leads them to employment or residency status in this country. I felt bad for them some time, but I guess that it's just part of life. It's just another thing in life that we have to dealt with, things that we have to go through. Take a look from a bigger perspective, then it's in fact a good policy or good strategy from Australian government. I am "for" the IELTS test as part of the migration program. I think everyone should have a basic knowledge of English language, in order to communicate effectively in Australia society. That is to enable our citizen to integrate into the society. It's just a bit of pieces and puzzles, and IELTS is part of it.

For those people who want to gain the residency status or migrate into Australia, it is advisable that you sit for your IELTS test earlier. As sometime, the test result might surprise you. I have seen lots of people who over-confidence and thought that s/he could get a good result. Not until they sat for the IELTS, they then realize of their real level of English language skill that they have.

To avoid any unnecessarily surprises, I strongly suggest to anyone, to sit for IELTS test, as soon as possible. Don't leave it until the last minute. It won't do you any good... :)