Visa subclass 457 prediction

According to a report in the Herald Sun, about 52,000 got visa subclass 457 in 2013-2014, with cook being the number one job (2,720 visas), followed by cafe or restaurant manager (2,070 visas), computer programmer (1,900 visas), marketing specialist(1,470 visas), university lecturer (1,290 visas) and GP (1,270 visas). The number of visa subclass 457 predicted to fall in the years to come, due to a red tape, rising cost for employer and too much paperwork involve.

That is the prediction so far. With the new minister, there might be new policies coming out soon. It will be interesting to see how the new minister will address the skills shortage in Australia and at the same time protect job for Australian people.

Partner Visa Charges

The Department has announced a 50% increase to application fees for partner visa subclasses from 1 January 2015.
This change will apply to permanent Partner visa subclasses (combined 309/100 and 820/801) and the prospective marriage visa (subclass 300).

  • Provisional and permanent partner visas - currently $3085 increased to $4627.50
  • Prospective marriage visa - currently $3085 increased to $4627.50
  • Temporary and permanent partner visas - currently $4575 increased $6865.50
This was a decision made by the Government in order to fund whole-of-government policy priorities.
The new fee will apply to Partner visa applications lodged on, or after 1 January 2015.
This increase will not affect you if you have lodged a valid application prior to 1 January 2015.

Maintain training benchmark for subclass 457

Visa subclass 457, that is to substitute the skill shortage for some of occupations in Australia. It is not design for foreign workers to replace or take away jobs from Australia people. It is important that employers train their Australian workforce so that they have essential skills to fulfill the position in the future. Employers can't always give job to foreign workers!

Therefore, it is important that the employers maintain their training benchmark spending every year while they employ their foreign workers under visa subclass 457. It is an obligation, not an optional. There are many ways employers can meet their training benchmark requirement. As long as the spending is to upgrade skills of their Australian people workforce, that can be counted toward their training expenditure.

Please feel free to contact me to find out how you, as the employers can meet and maintain your training benchmark obligation.