Spouse Visa...you need to be sure about your relationship

It's easy for people to get into a relationship, but it hard to maintain the relationship and still in it. Especially the young couple. There are a lots of people using Spouse Visa as an easy way out to get his/her residency status in Australia....and I just felt that it was wrong to get into a relationship for the wrong reason. Relationship should be all about "love" and "caring", nothing else.

Spouse Visa is really for those who are in relationship for the long term. In fact, it should be a commitment for life. People should not take it lightly. Anyone who still unsure about his or her relationship. Spouse Visa is not really a good option. I really suggest people to navigate to other venue as well. Do not use Spouse Visa is an easy way out. There are many other visa categories available. They might need to consult their lawyer or registered migration agent.

Spouse Visa is a 2 years process. The couple still need to be in the relationship at least 2 years from the date of the lodgement of the application. If the relationship is real and genuine and if they still in relationship during that 2 years. Then it will be a happy ending. The visa applicant will get her PR status, to gain the right to live and stay in Australia indefinitely.

Australia is very dynamic country, we have lots of overseas students come over to study and sometime the romance starts while they attending school. As these young people fall in love in university and then want to stay together after their graduation. They really need to assess their relationship carefully. Most of the time, university student don't have a job. Financially not that stable, compare to those couples who are working in the workforce for long time. Usually, these university students, their relationship is really at an early stage. To jump into a Spouse Visa is big thing. It's a big commitment.

Whatever people choose to do, I am strongly suggest that they think carefully. Sit down together and talk it out before the make any decision. Well...it is not that I am discourage or anything. I am just think from mature & adult point of view. At the end of the day, it is all about their choice, but I just don't want anyone get hurt... :)