Skilled Migrant

Skill Migrant is one of the good way to migrate, live and work in Australia. If you can migrate here independently, that even better. You don't need anyone to sponsor you. You don't have to tie down with some employer. It gives you the liberty of look for job by yourself. For those high skilled professional, I am recommended this path. If you are highly skilled professional and confident that you can find a job quite easily, then you don't really need someone to sponsor you. You can migrate here with your own merit.

To migrate here, first you need to check if your occupation is in the SOL (Skilled Occupation List). To check, please click here to find out:

In order for you to migrate here independently under Skilled Migration program, you need to have 60 points on Australian migration point system. To find out how many points you have, please see the link:

It is also important to get your skill assessment done. Please see the list of authority that come with SOL above.

Get your English language skill tested. Check to see where are the test centre in particular countries.

If you can get organize with the procedures listed above, then you are on the right path.

Please feel free to contact us if more information is needed.

Information is correct as of 10 Jan 2015.

Partner Visa fees increase that can lead to the increase of visa refusal as well

As the Partner Visa fees increase from 1 Jan 2015, there are chances that many visa applicants will lodge the visa applications by themselves. That is to cut the cost of total spending on the visa application. Without a proper guidance from professional like migration layer or registered migration agent, there are high chances that the application is incomplete. That can lead to a high percentage of visa refusal. Not sure if that is a good move by the department. It will just counter-productive I suppose. Particularly, by increase the visa fee by 50%. 50% that was just way to high. Guess that we all have to bear with this cost....sadly...