My friends said, this and that

Australian migration is a changing arena. The law and policies changes, from time to time, government to government. Things happen last year, it doesn't mean that will apply to you this year. Each applicant circumstances are different. Don't always assume that whatever your friends experiences with the department from the donkey years, would be the same to you.

It is advisable to always seek the advise from someone who know stuff. Your lawyer, solicitor or registered migration agent and so forth. Trying to save a few dollars, not gonna do you any good. Unless you are not serious about getting your visa done.

There are countless of time that I encountered. People come to me most of the time and said that..."oh, my friends said this and that....blah....blah....". errr.... yeap, whatever your friends said, that was true... but that was 1-2 years ago. Things now are change...oops.

I don't feel sorry that things are changing all the time. I believe that the change is for a better. I am sure the that the government has thought it through before making any changes. It may favor some, and disadvantage some. But...that is life. There are set of rules that we have to follow to keep this country in a good order, good shape.