Register relationship

Under Partner visa, apart from getting marriage, there is another option is under "de facto" relationship. De facto relationship means that you and your partner have been living together as a partner (same-sex, different sex, it doesn't matter) for at least 12 months. That is very straightforward.

However, under "de facto" relationship, if you and your partner have not been living together for at least 12 months yet, you still can apply for permanent residency under Partner visa as long as you register your relationship.

Not sure about other states, but so far I know that in VIC and NSW, we can register our relationship and that "Relationship Certificate" can be used to apply for Partner visa. So, don't panic if you have not live with your partner for at least 12 months. Things can be done as long as you plan way ahead and get all your document ready.

Unemployed person surely can sponsor his/her love one

Under Partner visa, there are many people asking me whether unemployed partner can sponsor his/her partner to get permanent residency status. The answer is "yes", s/he can sponsor his/her partner as long as the relationship is real and genuine.

Not just unemployed partner, any person who are taking CentreLink (social welfare) benefit also can sponsor his/her partner for the permanent residency status as well.

Of course, ideally the Australian government prefer the sponsor to have stable job or income, in order to support his/her partner for at least 2 years after his/her partner get a permanent residency status. That is because his/her partner won't be able to access to any CentreLink benefit for at least 2 years. The only benefits that his/her partner can access are Medicare benefit and also the English language for migration program.

Therefore, it is viable for the sponsor to have someone (brothers, sisters, friends or parents) to act as a guarantor in this regard.

Please check with your migration lawyer or registered migration agent who know best about this.... :)