Working Visa; long business stay

Recently I have been doing a lots of work for working visa (long business stay); subclass 457. I found that the Department of Immigration (DIAC) work extremely fast on this visa subclass compare to other type of visas. That is because the government now concentrate more on skill migrant who has the employer ready to sponsor. That is to ease some of skill shortage in some industry. Most of all, the visa applicants already have the job offered. Soon after the employees are working for 2 years, then they could apply for their permanent residency (PR) which most of the people are aiming for.

Having a job offered is more or less a guarantee that that employee will not be liable on our social benefit; CenterLink and so fourth. I am strongly think that the government has made the right move on these issues. I really wish to see more people on this visa category. Another words, yes...we do need more skilled migrants in our country. Good for economy, good for the country as people who are in the workforce are paying TAX!!!