Skilled – Independent (Residence) visa (subclass 885)

As most of overseas students are graduating this month, there are lots of people rushing to submit their PR application "Skilled – Independent (Residence) visa (subclass 885)" before 1 Jan 2010. Especially, students who will be using "trade occupation" to apply.

To beat the date-line there are 2 things that everyone need to know. As I got a few enquiries regarding this. So, I will put in this blog so that everyone can read and have a better understanding about some of the requirement for "Skilled – Independent (Residence) visa (subclass 885)".

1. You don't need to wait for your medical check-up and its result, to be able to lodge your application. You can just use the receipt from the appointment or booking (if you done online) to submit with your PR application.

2. Same as "skill assessment", you don't need to wait for your skill assessment result as it can take very long. The receipt from post office (recommended to use registered post) is good enough to submit with your PR application.

Once you get the result from both medical check-up and skill assessment, then you can submit that information to the Department of Immigration later.

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