Bridging Visa B

As mentioned previously that Bridging Visa A is FREE of charge and it allowed the visa holder (or applicant) to stay indefinitely in Australia while s/he waiting for the outcome of the substantive visa.

However, Bridging Visa A doesn't have the travel right. It means that the visa holder is not allowed to travel out of Australia under Bridging Visa A. If the visa holder travel out of Australia under Bridging Visa A, s/he will not be able to come back under Bridging Visa A because the Bridging Visa A is automatically ceased once the visa holder passed through the custom at the airport or port.

So, what happen if the visa holder want to travel out of Australia, for whatever reasons??

Bridging Visa B is the answer. Those who want to travel out of Australia needs to apply for Bridging Visa B (form 1006). It comes with small fee of $140 (as of today). 

Visa applicant can apply for Bridging Visa B at any DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) office or apply by post. Sadly Bridging Visa B cannot apply online just yet (as of today).

Bridging Visa B usually can be granted within 1 day.

The maximum stay that Bridging Visa B allows the visa holder to stay out of Australia is 3 months. Therefore, it is important that the visa holder travel back to Australia before Bridging Visa B expires. Otherwise, s/he need to apply for another visa to come back to Australia. Usually people apply for Tourist Visa when they forgot to come back because of Bridging Visa B expires (too much fun overseas).

Bridging Visa A holder can apply for Bridging Visa B as many times as they like. However, it is important to remember to come back before 3 months period run out.

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