Subclass 186 & 187; 16 Nov 2019

We do understand that there might be some confusion about the changes coming this 16 Nov 2019.

Nothing changes for visa subclass 186, Employer Nomination Scheme this coming 16 Nov 2019.

Only subclass 187; RSMS Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme that will be abolished and replaced by subclass 494; Skilled Employer Sponsored.

Those who are on Medium and Long‑term Strategic Skills List, you still can proceed to subclass 186 as per normal. So, no panic.

Those who have or had applied for subclass 457 before or on 18 Apr 2017 (old rules), you still apply for visa subclass 186/187 as per normal, no panic.

The government will provide some transitional arrangement for those who are on 457/482 and will transit to subclass 187 (Transitional Stream ONLY), so please be patient and wait for some legislation announcement.

Those who want to apply for visa subclass 187 RSMS, usually Direct Entry (DE) you can still do so by 15 Nov 2019, 11:59pm.

Law and legislation changes are part of the Australian migration arena. You need to be in the game to win it.

Good luck everyone.

J Migration Team, since 2008


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